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You pay for what you get?

Have you hired people whom you think will not do the right thing unless you give them a bonus?When the subject of bonus payments based on some measure comes up, and I push back against the concept I often hear the refrain that...

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Who hired these people?

I often hear objections when introducing new organizational concepts such as Agile to a management group.  Things like a lack of “accountability” or “strategic thinking” on the part of the employees. The employees, they...

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More of a visual effect

This Motherboard article is a fascinating look at Uber. “I know this seems a misleading to you but it is meant as more of a visual effect more than an accurate location of drivers in the area. It would be better of you to...

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Design for the human

In episode 467 of HBR Ideacast Evernote CEO Phil Libin discusses how the increasingly personal devices such as the phone or smart watch are changing how work gets done.  He makes many interesting points in this podcast, but...

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Monument Valley

I’ve played Monument Valley on iOS since it first came out.   It’s a really unique game perfectly suited for an iPad.  There’s been a good deal of copy written lately about how much money a developer can make on the...

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