First things first, there is literally a magazine for everything.    One more example of technology preparing to displace what was once considered a fairly “safe” job.  A job that seemed too complex for a machine to perform.  Bartending isn’t the only field these types of machines are gunning for either.  The lesson here, for everyone, is to think critically about what value is actually being provided.    Not to cause offense, but if you’re job involves mixing liquids into a glass you’ve got a problem.

None of this is to say that jobs like this will totally disappear.  Bar tending (although I should be clear, I don’t drink so have very little understanding of the actual bar process), it seems to me, a fun bar, should also include the human interaction with the bartender.  Part of the value is in the drink for sure, but a machine can produce that drink better in I’m guessing 99% of cases.  What the machine cannot do, yet, is provide the interaction, feedback a human can.